Mayhill: Joint review to investigate cause and 'learn lessons' from Swansea riots

220521 Mayhill Swansea
Cars were set on fire during the violent disorder

An independent review will take place into the cause of violent disorder in the Mayhill area of Swansea in May.

Cars were burnt out and bricks thrown through resident's windows in the area on May 20.

The vehicles were set on fire in the middle of the road and crowds cheered as one was rolled down a steep hill.

Seven police officers were injured as they were pelted with missiles but did not require hospital treatment.

More than twenty people have been arrested so far following the disturbance.

Seven police officers were injured as they were pelted with missiles

The review will be led by a three-member panel chaired by QC Prof Elwen Evans, alongside police expert Martin Jones and local government expert Jack Straw.

The review, supported by the Welsh Government, will look into the events leading up to the riots and aim to "learn lessons for the future."

Swansea Council Leader Rob Stewart said the events in May were "in no way a true reflection of the wonderful communities of Mayhill and Waun Wen."

He said: "We took immediate action to support residents after the disturbances and we are still working side-by-side with families, young people, local councillors and community leaders in the recovery. “However, it’s essential that we take the opportunity to answer the questions the community have asked and learn more about the background to this incident, what happened on the night and the immediate aftermath.  “Events like those we witnessed in Mayhill and Waun Wen are thankfully extremely rare and the independent review offers us an opportunity to learn lessons to further prevent incidents across Wales in the future.”

Residents directly affected by the disturbances as well as community groups and leaders will be invited to give feedback to the inquiry panel.

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