Rare 'mini-tornado' spotted by dog walker in Swansea

  • Watch the moment the dust devil lifts dust and grass in a field in Swansea

A dog walker has captured the moment she spotted a rare weather phenomenon resembling a "mini-tornado" in Swansea.

Heather, who works at RSPCA Llys Nini in Swansea, was walking Boxer, one of the dogs at the charity's kennels, when she came across what appears to be the phenomenon known as a dust devil raising from a field in front of her.

She said the dog "didn't seem too bothered by it" and Boxer, who is in desperate need of rehoming, was keen to carry on with his walk.

Heather and Boxer were out walking RSPCA Llys Nini's fields when they spotted the dust devil Credit: RSPCA Llys Nini

Dust devils, also known as a willy willy, are upward spiralling vortexes of air which commonly occur where the ground is dry.

Although these might look like a tornado, they form from the ground up rather than in the clouds - and are much less destructive and more short lived.

In April, workers in Newport were left shocked when they spotted a similar occurrence outside Tiny Rebel Brewing in Rogerstone.

The spinning spiral was caught on camera by one staff member who was heard saying "that is mental."

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