Pleas to save water as demand soars amidst continuing extreme heat as 32° recorded in Cardiff

An Amber Met Office warning for extreme heat is in place until 23:59 on Thursday

A Welsh water utility firm has urged people not to be wasteful as demand soars amid the continuing extreme heat.

It comes as temperatures reached 32C in Cardiff on Wednesday - the hottest day of the year so far.

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water said it had to distribute an additional 150 million litres of water as demand climbed.

Despite a reassurance that water stocks and reservoir levels were healthy, it pleaded with people not to needlessly waste water.

Posting on Twitter it said: "In this period of warmer weather demand for water is at its highest.

"We're doing all we can to ensure water gets to your taps but we'd like your help too.

"Use all the water you need but please don't waste it."

Speaking to ITV News Imogen Brown, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water's head of water distribution, said her teams were "incredibly busy".

She said: "We've got no concerns around water resources itself, our reservoirs are nice and healthy after quite a lot of rain in May.

"But we usually treat around 850 million litres of water a day and distribute that around the network to our customers which is equivalent to 350 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

"But over recent days we've actually had to distribute 150 million litres more so the teams have been incredibly busy.

"This is probably due to the extreme temperatures we're seeing and also it's the beginning of the summer holidays and a lot of people are deciding to stay in Wales or come to Wales on holiday."

On Monday the Met Office issued its first ever warning for extreme heat

The high temperatures across much of south Wales look set to continue until late on Thursday.

On Monday, the Met Office issued its first ever warning for extreme heat for large parts of the south.

The Amber warning is in place until 23:59 on Thursday evening with temperatures then expected to cool, although further warnings are in place for rain over the coming weekend.

  • What is the Met Office warning against?

The Met Office's Amber warning for extreme heat aims to alert people to the dangers posed by considerably high temperatures.

These include adverse health effects - particularly for the vulnerable - such as dehydration, sunburn, nausea and fatigue.

The Met Office also anticipates more people flocking to coastal areas and, consequentially, an increased risk of water safety incidents.

Infrastructure is also at risk from the extreme heat with delays likely to road, rail and air travel.

There is also the potential for "heat-sensitive systems" to fail, the Met Office says, which could lead to power cuts and wider disruption.

On Tuesday the Welsh Ambulance Service said it was under "extreme pressure" as it dealt with around 2,000 daily calls to 999 over the previous three days.

It said immediately life threatening 'Red' calls on Monday were were up by almost 30% compared with a week ago.

They were also up by 175% compared with the same Monday last year.