Rocco's road trip to Rhyl: The Staffie that hopped on the bus all the way to the seaside

Daily Post Wales credit 220721

We all like a trip to the seaside and that is no more so for one cunning canine in north Wales who decided to jump on the bus and take a trip to Rhyl.

Rocco, a six-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, took it upon himself to hop on the 51 bus on Vicarage Lane and take a trip to the seaside resort.

The adventure happened on Tuesday when Rocco's owner Jack Channon was taking the bins out at their home in Rhuddan.

It was only a little while later that Jack saw a post on Facebook about a Staffie on a bus without his owner.

"I was taking the bin bags out just after his walk in the park and I came back in not knowing he’d followed me.

"About 20 minutes later I’m scrolling through Facebook and I see a post about a dog on a bus going to Rhyl on its own. I thought it was funny so I showed it to my girlfriend saying it looks like Rocco.

"I shouted him but he didn't respond so I looked for him and then I realised that it was my dog on the bus!"

Rocco on his road trip to Rhyl

Jack who adopted Rocco when he was four months old says it is not the first time he has gone for his own kind of walkies.

"One time when I was living in Birmingham working as a personal trainer I saw a dog walking across the street. I looked and noticed he didn't have an owner with him and then I realised it was Rocco.

"He'd let himself out of my house and somehow ended up in the city centre, innocently wagging his tail at me.

"He knows how to undo a lead so if I ever tie him up outside a shop he usually undoes it and follows me in.

"He's got such a personality, he's really funny and cheeky."