Woman 'left needing medical treatment' after removing anti-mask poster with razor hidden behind

A woman said she was left needing medical treatment after being cut by a razor blade that was glued to the back of an anti-mask poster.

Layla told ITV News she was cut by the blade after removing the poster from a pedestrian crossing near the centre of Cardiff.

She said she has had to undergo HIV and Hepatitis tests with her GP as she said she fears the blade could have been contaminated.

In an interview with ITV News, Layla said after finding and removing the poster, she found two more with blades stuck to the back of them.

She added she was motivated to take the posters down after contracting coronavirus twice herself.

"I see all of this misinformation about 'it's just like the flu', it's completely wrong, it knocked me for six.

"By people spreading these posters and stickers it's going to lead to more people getting coronavirus."

Layla said she informed the police and they are now looking into what happened.

In a statement, South Wales Police said it received a report on 27 July but no persons of interest have been identified.

It said, “A 21-year-old woman reported being cut by a razor blade found glued to the back of a poster.

"CCTV which covers the location has been viewed and no persons of interest have been identified.

"Unfortunately the woman did not keep either the poster or the razor blade which limits forensic opportunities.”

Layla shared two pictures of the poster on social media and it has since been shared more than a thousand times.

Although since posting the images, she said has received online abuse from strangers.

This article has been adjusted to reflect an updated statement provided by South Wales Police.