The Reynolds & McElhenney effect: 'Unprecedented' demand for Wrexham tickets as fans queue overnight

050821 Wrexham Reynold McElhenney

Wrexham AFC has sold an "unprecedented" number of season tickets with fans queuing up overnight to secure their seats ahead of the club's first full season under the ownership of actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

Tickets went on general sale on Monday and fans were reported to have been queuing from 10:30pm the night before.

Reynolds and McElhenney bought the club in February this year so this was the first chance to see what impact the Hollywood pair's star power would have on ticket sales.

A video posted on Wrexham's social media pages appeared to show hundreds of fans queued up to purchase their tickets in person.

In a statement in the club website, they said: "We've already sold an unprecedented amount of season tickets and are so excited to see so much interest in watching Wrexham next season.

"We can't wait to welcome supporters back properly when the season starts."

Such was the demand from supporters that even some of the Wrexham players jumped on the tills to sell tickets.

Youth team defender Joe Fountain was pictured selling season tickets on Wrexham AFC's social media channels.

Reynolds and McElhenney have already brought the club and town international attention.

A major behind the scenes documentary has already been commissioned and social media giant TikTok has been unveiled as Wrexham's new shirt sponsor.

Other Hollywood stars have also been jumping on the bandwagon with Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes all showcasing the Wrexham training kit on their social media platforms.

Alex Whilding and her niece have already got their season tickets sorted.

Wrexham season ticket holder Alex Whilding says the excitement and anticipation from fans feels different to other years.

She said: "I've supported Wrexham for 14 years and I've never seen such excitement from fans - it feels like the start of a new era.

"We've been unable to attend fixtures for a long time so this really feels like it's our time now."

Wrexham supporters have not been able to watch their team play live at their home ground since March 2020, so it is likely to be an emotional return when they face Yoevil at the Racecourse on the 21st of August.

Alex says the buzz around the club has seen a renewed interest from fans and a whole new generation taking interest in the team.

"You walk through town and it's unlikely you don't see a new Wrexham shirt," she said.

"It definitely feels like we're tapping into the potential that has always been there.

"When I walk through those turnstiles on the 21st against Yeovil with my little niece, I can't quite describe the emotion that I'm going to feel.

"People say football is just a game but when that game is taken away from you - regardless of the takeover - you can't wait to get back to it."