Mayhill comes together for community event as residents 'move on from riots'

A community fun day has been held for the residents of Mayhill in Swansea, almost three months on from scenes of violent disorder that devastated the community.

The fun day - with free activities and entertainment for all ages - was organised to bring local people together after a turbulent time.

On the night of 20 May, bricks were thrown through residents' windows, cars were burnt out and one vehicle was rolled down a steep hill, leaving residents in a state of fear and shock.

Seven police officers were injured after being pelted with missiles, but did not require hospital treatment.

Cars were burnt out during scenes of violent disorder in May.

Today one resident, Dorothy, said "It's been terrible, with the riots and everything - it's been really bad.

"I think the community is doing pretty good, considering everything it's been through. And today is bringing us all together. People can get together - joy, no trouble - everybody as one."

Another resident, Zoe, said: "The day after the riots, everyone pulled together doing the clean-up and everything. Since then, everyone has just come together as a community.

"It's calmed down a lot since the riots. Today is about pulling together and showing everyone that we are a good community to live in. It's a good turnout and everyone's just having fun."

Youngsters were able to meet members of the emergency services.

Local man Paul said: "It's been hard - very hard. To see something like this is really nice. It's brought all the community together again. As a community, you've got to get on with it."

Another, Johnny, said: "People have really stuck by each other and helped each other. It was scary - but people are starting to put it behind them. It can be difficult, but you've got to put it in the past."

Meanwhile, Stacey has lived in the area for 21 years and has nothing but praise for it.

She told ITV News: "The community has always been the same - they've always come together. This is why I love being here."

Residents said it was nice to come together as a community after the riots and lockdown.

Other residents said it was great to come together now that the coronavirus rules have been eased.

One said: "It's a lovely day - we've missed outdoor activities for a long time after the lockdown, so now we're feeling the life again."

The day was organised by the Safer Swansea partnership, including the council and the emergency services.

People of all ages turned out to enjoy the fun day.

Swansea Council leader Rob Stewart told ITV News: "Nobody wanted to see the scenes that we saw here a few months ago, and it was a misrepresentation of what the true community is.

"Clearly a number of people who were directly affected have been impacted. I hope it's an opportunity for the community to try and move on, for them to come back together, to enjoy themselves and for us to understand exactly what the priorities for the community are going forward.

"The community have brilliantly pulled together, as they always do. The community here is resilient. They just want a chance to get on with their lives."

The community says it wants to move on from the events of May.

South Wales Police are continuing to investigate what happened and there have been 35 arrests so far.

An independent review will be held to look into the events leading up to the riots and will aim to "learn lessons for the future."