The mystery deepens as Ryan Reynolds claims he had nothing to do with the new Wrexham sign

So who then was behind the creation of Wrexham's new Hollywood-style sign? Credit: Andrew Matthias

The plot appears to have thickened around the mystery behind the new Hollywood-style sign in Wrexham, after Ryan Reynolds claimed he had nothing to do with it.

Speculation has been mounting over just who exactly put up Wrexham's newest talked-about feature on the Rhostyllen slag heap, with some believing the Hollywood theme suggested it had something to do with Wrexham AFC's new celebrity owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

There had also been suggestions Reynolds and McElhenney had put the sign up ahead of the filming of a documentary about their takeover of the town's club.

Although Reynolds has said on social media it had nothing to do with him, claiming he wished he had thought of it.

He wrote on Twitter: "I wish I'd thought of that. But if I were to really dig into it, I wish I wasn't someone who wished they'd thought of that."

Hundreds of people have already flocked to the site in recent days to take photos with the Hollywood-style feature.

The mystery has even perplexed the local council with the leader of Wrexham County Borough Council (WCBC), Mark Pritchard, whose ward the sign sits in, saying it was great news for the area but that he had no idea as to who was behind it.

He said: "I think it is fantastic publicity for Wrexham and for the rest of the region."We have had so much interest from across the world with people contacting me about it."I can assure you the council is not part of this and I don't know who has erected it."It has really put Wrexham on the map."But we must not forget what the bank represents, which is the mining heritage of the area and how Wrexham was built on mines like Bersham, Hafod and Gresford."