Hugh Jackman jokingly gives sympathy to 'poor people of Wrexham' in latest dig at Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman jokingly said he had sympathy for the people of Wrexham and the town's football club Credit: PA Images

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman has said he feels sorry for the people of Wrexham, as he and Ryan Reynolds continue to troll one another.

Speaking to Heart radio while promoting his latest movie, Reminiscence, Jackman jokingly said the town would be experiencing a "nightmare" with Reynolds owning Wrexham AFC.

Sharing the clip the club hit back, saying "Wolverine's overrated anyway".

Jackman said: "Wrexham...I love you Wrexham. But I really, really feel bad for you.

"It's like, you're in the middle like of like the worst nightmare of all time because somehow money's come in and attention's come in, but at this point of the season you realise what a nightmare you've entered, I'm in the same nightmare.

"Because of Ryan I can't ever wear your jersey until he's left but, trust me, in my heart I feel for you.

"There's not a second of any day of the week when I don't think 'those poor people of Wrexham, that poor town, that poor football team'. That's from my heart."

Jackman then suggested starting a petition to get rid of Ryan Reynolds. Rob McElhenney though, he said, could stay.

There have been lots of rumours and speculation this week after this Hollywood-style sign appeared on Wrexham's slag heap Credit: Andy Matthias

The rumour mill has been busy this week after a new Hollywood-style Wrexham sign appeared on the town's Bersham Bank.

Some believed the sign's Hollywood appearance suggested it was the work of Reynolds and McElhenney, although Reynolds said in a tweet this week it was not him and that he wished he had thought of it himself.