Mystery behind Wrexham's Hollywood-style sign is finally revealed

  • A huge banner was put up next to the sign on Friday morning

The mystery behind a new Hollywood-style sign which appeared in Wrexham has finally been solved.

The sign, on Rhostyllen slag heap, has had people in the area speculating on who could have been behind it - with some believing it had something to do with Wrexham AFC's new celebrity owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

But this popular theory was dismissed when Reynolds denied being involved. The star took to social media to dispel the rumours, though he said he wished he had thought of it.

The sign was linked to Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. Credit: PA

Now after days of speculation, online car leasing company Vanarama has claimed ownership of the sign as banners advertising the company were placed beside it on Friday morning.

Vanarama CEO, Andy Alderson, said:  “I can confirm that we are behind the Wrexham sign that has been on the lips of the nation since Monday. We are overwhelmed by the wholly positive support that the now firmly established landmark has received."

While the reveal might not have the same Hollywood glamour, there is still a connection with Wrexham's football club and its celebrity owners.

The company are sponsors of the National League, which Wrexham's new owners will be hoping the club can win this season.