Locals question free parking for camper vans as staycations in north Wales boom

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With tourists flocking to north Wales this summer more and more are choosing to rent motorhomes as they explore the area's most scenic spots.

At many of these beauty spots overnight parking is free with an increasing number of tourists settling down in the places with the best views.

But with an influx of camper vans to Wales, local people are questioning whether those choosing to stay the night should go elsewhere or face a charge.

Visitors using railings at Llandudno seafront to dry clothes came under criticism recently

Recently, motorhome owners in Llandudno came under criticism for drying their washing on the railings along the seafront.

It came after the banning of overnight parking in one part of town brought motorhomes to the area.

Karen Flowers owns a camper van that she regularly takes wild camping and has noticed an increase in people doing the same over the past year.

"We've noticed since lockdown there's more people out," she said.

"The only downside is they're not taking their litter with them. So, we seem to have a new breed of campers which is good but they're just making a noise and you don't fit into the background."

Bryn Williams is the sales manager at Threeways Motorhomes in Abergele Credit: ITV Wales

Bryn Williams works for a company that rents motorhomes and says business is booming this summer.

His message for those coming to the area is to be respectful wherever they choose to park.

He said: "People think they can jump in a caravan and just park up and that's it.

"But to really enjoy a holiday, it's all down to the planning.

"Our biggest recommendation is always go to a certified campsite, be respectful about where you choose to park up.

"Our message is always leave the place how you found it."

Camper vans by the seaside have become an increasingly common sight this summer Credit: ITV Wales

Taking advantage of a free parking spot, Gillian Thompson and her husband Barry have traveled to north Wales from the midlands to spend some time by the coast.

With more people camping this year, the couple say the cost to stay in campsites is becoming too expensive.

"They're charging a lot in the campsites, £35 a night which I think is extortionate." Gillian said.

"We don't want to annoy anybody - we keep quiet and tidy."

Another person making use of a free parking spot says more facilities should be made available now that camper van holidays are becoming more popular.

They said: "There are very limited spaces and people find it difficult to find a space.

"It's not going to go away, people are really enjoying staying in this country.

"We need to encourage that and so we do need more places to park."

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