Driver fined and given nine points after near miss while overtaking cyclists

Video shows moment driver causes cyclist to swerve while overtaking too close. Credit: GoSafe

A driver has been fined almost £400 and given nine points on his licence after coming close to a group of cyclists while overtaking.

The motorist was travelling on the A4054 in Pontypridd when he overtook the group just before a traffic island in the middle of the road - causing one cyclist to swerve away from the car.

GoSafe, which aims to ensure safety Welsh roads, said the manoeuvre "severely increased the risk to the safety of the cyclists involved".

The driving was captured on camera by one of the cyclists and was considered to be so poor that the usual punishments of a driving safety course or fine were not deemed sufficient.

The motorist pleaded guilty to driving without due care at Cardiff Magistrates' Court, where he received a fine of £386 and was given the maximum amount of points you can receive for that offence.

Credit: PA Images

GoSafe said cyclists are classed as vulnerable road users and "have every right to use the roads safely and confidently".

Drivers are being urged to leave at least 1.5m between their vehicle and the cyclist when overtaking.

Teresa Ciano, GoSafe Partnership Manager said: "We all have a part to play in keeping our roads safe for everyone.

"Careless close passes, like the one recorded in this incident, risks the safety of cyclists.

"The consequence of this careless incident reflects the seriousness of the offence.

"We all share the road and should be able to do so confidently. When approaching a cyclist, be patient and wait until you can overtake safely."