Wales' oldest woman and TikTok star, Amy Winifred Hawkins, dies aged 110

A great-grandmother, who was dubbed Britain's oldest TikTok star, has died at the age of 110.Amy Winifred Hawkins shot to fame on the social media platform after she was filmed in a heartwarming clip as she sang to celebrate her milestone birthday as Wales's oldest woman.The footage shows her performing the wartime hit 'It’s A Long Way to Tipperary' with her loving family looking on.Great-grandson Sacha Freeman, 14, uploaded the heartwarming clip to the video-sharing platform TikTok, where it has been viewed more than 45,000 times.

Mrs Hawkins told ITV News she was just singing her favourite song and "can't believe" her new-found internet fame.

In another clip, titled 'Vibing with my 110-year-old grandma', she's seen dancing with Sacha to hit song 'Hot in Here' by US rapper Nelly.

He said: "She didn't really understand the concept of TikTok at first. I had to tell her it was 'on the computer' and could be seen by people all over the world."

"She was astonished at the amount of people that saw her."

Mrs Hawkins said entertaining people was always been in her blood - she used to be a singer and toured all over the country as part of a dance troupe.

  • Amy Howkins and her family spoke to ITV News in January.

The great-grandmother, from Monmouth, lived with four generations of her family.Daughter Rosemary Morris, 73, said: “She was a lovely lady who dedicated her life to me as her daughter."She was the oldest woman in Wales and the sixth oldest in Great Britain."

Amy Hawkins pictured as a younger woman.

Mrs Hawkins was born Amy Evans in Cardiff on January 24, 1911 but spent most of her childhood in nearby Newport.She grew up with five brothers and one sister and was a keen dancer touring the country with her troupe.She later became a shop worker and married sign-writer George Hawkins in 1937.Mrs Hawkins served as a fire-watcher for her local neighbourhood during World War Two.Husband George died in 1996 but Mrs Hawkins lived independently until she was 96.She has two grandchildren - Tamzin and Hannah.Mrs Hawkins revealed the secret her long life along with her sister is: "Never go to the doctors."