More than half 'in favour of vaccine passports' in Wales, poll shows

There is strong support for a vaccine passport system in Wales which would see people having to prove their double vaccination status, an exclusive poll for ITV Wales shows.

It comes following the Welsh Government's announcement that it would be introducing a Covid pass scheme from October, which will see people in Wales having to show their vaccine status, or a negative test, to enter nightclubs and attend large events.

The Covid pass scheme coming into force from 11 October will also allow people to show a negative test result if they have not been double jabbed.

What are the benefits?

Data shows that those vaccinated against Covid-19 are significantly less likely to fall seriously ill from the virus, even if it is still possible to catch it and show symptoms.

The idea behind passports is to make use of the protection vaccines offer - if people mixing within a certain venue are fully vaccinated, the chances of anyone being hospitalised after catching the virus are greatly reduced.

A vaccine passport scheme has been introduced in Scotland, but the health secretary in England recently rejected the proposal.

Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford said, the introduction of the passes is "one further measure to keeping people safe and increases the chance of keeping nightclubs open during the autumn and winter months" as cases continue to rise around Wales.

A poll conducted for ITV Wales showed 60% favoured the idea of a vaccine passport, with 26% against and the rest answering "not sure".

Almost half (48%) want Covid passes introduced in pubs Credit: PA

The poll found a mixed picture though in terms of where the passports should be enforced, with people favouring their use in places like care homes and pubs - but against having to show proof of vaccination for places like shops and hairdressers. 

Almost half wanted to see them introduced for pubs.

  • Pubs: 48% in favour 41% against 

  • Restaurants: 42% in favour 47% against 

  • Care homes: 63% in favour 26% against

  • Hairdressers: 36% in favour 51% against 

  • Supermarkets: 21% in favour 68% against 

  • Hospitals: 39% in favour 51% against 

Source: Yougov/ITV Wales and Cardiff University 

Trust in the Welsh Government's decision continued to grow in the latest poll
  • Trust in Covid-19 decisions

The poll also showed trust in the Welsh Government’s approach to the pandemic continues to strengthen with 61% now in favour of Mark Drakeford and his cabinet's decision making.

Trust for the UK Government’s Covid policies continued to drop with only 34% in support - which is down 4% since April.

Sixty per cent said they preferred the way the pandemic was being handled in Wales compared to 14% in England.

Thinking generally, do you prefer the approach that has been taken in Wales or the approach that has been taken in England?

  • Wales 60%

  • England 14%

  • Neither / don’t know 26%

Source: Yougov/ITV Wales and Cardiff University

Forty three percent would like to see a Wales-specific Covid inquiry Credit: PA
  • Public Inquiry

The debate over a Welsh-specific public inquiry into the decisions taken during the pandemic has provoked strong feelings.

So far, First Minister Mark Drakeford has ruled out such a probe, instead arguing that an UK-wide approach would be best.

However, his position is at odds with the poll with 43% in favour of a public inquiry, 15% disagreed while a sizeable portion of those questioned didn’t know.   

Trust in the First Minister for Wales Mark Drakeford is twice high as the UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson Credit: PA
  • Mark Drakeford v Boris Johnson 

Lots of comparisons have been made between both leaders during the pandemic - and our poll shows trust in Mark Drakeford is twice high as Boris Johnson when it comes to making the right decisions on Covid.

Trust in Boris Johnson’s handing has taken a significant dent too - down 6% since April to 28% with the rest saying they don’t trust him or don’t know. 

  • Trust to make the right decisions on Covid-19?

The poll projects the Conservatives could be at risk of losing seats at the next General Election while support for Labour remains unchanged Credit: PA
  • Voting intentions 

Several Conservative seats won at the last UK election could be at risk for the party as their support in Wales has dipped.

The party were down 5% compared with the previous poll in April.

Professor Roger Awan-Scully from Cardiff University projects only one seat, Ynys Mon, would change hands, based on the poll findings. But, he added how this must be interpreted with "greater caution than usual".  

"Seat projections should never, except with the final poll before an election, be read as a prediction of what will happen in an election that may be years away. But this must be interpreted with even greater caution than usual.

"The findings of our latest poll have been projected onto the current map of forty Welsh constituencies. But it is likely that, by the time any general election actually comes about, that we will have seen a major re-drawing of the electoral map of Wales, and a cut in the number of Welsh MPs down to 32."

Labour remain unchanged with the other parties picking up some extra support. The next UK general election is due to take place in 2024:

  • Labour 37% (no change)

  • Conservatives 31% (-5)

  • Plaid Cymru 15% (+1)

  • Reform UK 6% (+2)

  • Green 5% (+2)

  • Liberal Democrats 4% (+1)

  • Other 2% (-1)

*Poll conducted by YouGov for ITV Wales and Cardiff University between 13-16th of September. Total sample size was 1071.