Nine-year-old girl battling third brain tumour has train named after her

220921 Freya Bevan train, GWR
Freya's family have set up a fundraiser to help pay for her treatment which costs £1,000 per week Credit: GWR

A nine-year-old girl battling a third brain tumour has had a train named after her.

Freya Bevan is undergoing her second round of treatment for cancer and has been voted one of 100 Great Westerners due to her bravery.

Freya's train (800317) will be part of the Paddington to Swansea service and is one of Great Western Rail's Intercity Express Trains.

The young girl from Neath was first diagnosed with a rare form of the disease, Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumour, before she turned two.

In 2015, a campaign for Freya managed to raise £110,000 for her to undergo pioneering treatment in America. However, the cancer returned last October after six years.

Freya unveiled her very own train in London and boarded it back home to Neath.

She said, "Having a train named after me has made me feel really good and happy and special".

Freya was diagnosed with the rare form of cancer before she turned two Credit: GWR

Freya's mum, Katherine, said the recognition by Great Western Rail showcases her daughter's "great strength and determination", calling her "a real inspiration to so many".

The cancer is developing rapidly and Freya will soon start a new drug from Germany, which can help shrink the new tumour. Her family have set up a fundraiser to help pay for the treatment, which costs £1,000 per week.

Other Great Westerners include Welsh sporting legends Sir Gareth Edwards and John Charles, as well as Paddington Bear author Michael Bond.

The campaign aims to recognise past and present heroes across the network.

Head of External Communications, Dan Panes, said, "Our Great Westerners campaign celebrates remarkable people from across our network and Freya is a brilliant example".

"She has shown such courage throughout her young life and we are proud to name one of our IETs in her honour."