Students thanked for help detaining man and busting cannabis factories after 'long' police chase

Police officers discovered two "large" cannabis factories nearby as a result of successfully stopping the two men. Credit: South Wales Police

A police force have thanked two students for their help detaining a man following a "long footchase".

The man was one of two males stopped by South Wales Police officers on Wednesday 22 September. The incident led to the discovery of multiple "large" cannabis factories.

The individuals were stopped on Treherbert Street in Cardiff while the properties containing the marijuana were located on a nearby street.

Police posted on social media that both men had been charged.

The force gave "big thanks" to the two students for their help catching one of the men after they had chased him on foot.

The stoppage led officers to discover two cannabis factories on Cathays Terrace. Pictures posted online show numerous marijuana plants and equipment to illegally grow them.