Number of doubled jabbed Covid-positive hospital patients 'to be expected', say Public Health Wales

Public Health Wales statistics show 80.3% of all Covid-positive hospital patients have had both doses of the vaccine. Credit: PA

The percentage of people who have tested positive for coronavirus while in Welsh hospitals is now at 7%, latest figures reveal.

637 out of 9,735 hospital patients had tested positive for the virus up til the week ending September 19.

More than 80% of patients in hospitals in Wales, who have tested positive for Covid-19, have been double jabbed.

Public Health Wales statistics show 80.3% of all Covid-positive hospital patients have had both doses of the vaccine. For patients aged 60 and over, the percentage of those double jabbed rises to 90%.

But Public Health Wales (PHW) said these figures are to be expected - as a large majority of adults in Wales have now received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

The majority of adults in Wales have now had the vaccine. Credit: Marc O’Sullivan/PA

Dr Chris Williams, PHW Consultant Epidemiologist, said: "The best way to understand vaccine effectiveness is to look at population level studies, and not at hospital data.

"These population studies consistently show that vaccines reduce transmission, serious illness, hospitalisation, and death from coronavirus.

"Protection against hospitalisation is estimated at around 95% after the second dose of vaccine.

"The much lower rates of serious illness, hospitalisation and death during this wave is further evidence of the impact of vaccination."

Alert Level Zero: The Covid rules explained in Wales

Meeting indoors

From 6am on 7 August, will be no legal limits on the number of people who can meet, including in private homes, public places or at events.

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What businesses can reopen?

Any businesses currently still closed will be able to re-open. This includes nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

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What about self-isolating?

From midnight on 7 August, adults who are fully vaccinated and children and young people under the age of 18, will no longer need to isolate if they are identified as close conatcts of someone who has coronavirus.

This was announced by the First Minister last week.

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Social distancing

It's not yet clear whether or not the 'two-metre rule' under which businesses are obliged by law to ensure social distancing in the workplace will be dropped.

Welsh Government sources say that it is one of the final details being discussed.

In its announcement, the government says premises and workplaces will have "more flexibility" about which "reasonable measures they take" to minimise the risk of the virus.

"These should be tailored to their risk assessment and their specific circumstances".

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The figures, which are up to date as of September 21, show that 12.9% of Covid-positive patients have not had either dose of the vaccine.

Dr Williams explained that, the majority of people in hospital are older and this group is more likely to be vaccinated.

"They are also more likely to be hospitalised because of underlying health conditions, reduced immune response, and because they are more clinically vulnerable.

"The single best thing you can do to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community from coronavirus is to take up the offer of a vaccine.

"The incidence of hospitalisation is around two-thirds lower in vaccinated under 60’s compared to unvaccinated, and about 40 per cent lower in vaccinated over 60’s than unvaccinated."