Fake vaccine consent forms circulating in some Welsh Schools by anti-vaccine groups

Credit: PA

Fake vaccine consent forms by anti-vaccine groups are circulating schools, the Welsh Government has said.

The Welsh Government posted on its social media accounts on Wednesday saying the fake consent forms were aimed at spreading "fear and mistrust".

It is now urging the public to "remain vigilant" and to share the "warning with friends and family".

NHS Wales will begin offering the Covid-19 vaccine to young people between 12 and 15-years-old from 4 October.

16 and 17 year olds have already been offered a first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

Children with underlying health conditions will be offered two doses of the vaccine, eight weeks apart.

12 to 15 year olds will be offered the vaccine from October 4th Credit: PA

All other children will be offered a first dose, with the timing of the second dose confirmed at a later date.

Extending the vaccination offer to young people was recommended by the UK's Chief Medical Officers after reviewing evidence on the public health benefits.

They believe that offering children a Covid-19 vaccine will improve the mental health and long-term prospects for young people, including their education.

The Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation also advised that the benefits from vaccination are marginally greater than the potential known harms in this age group.

Health Minister Eluned Morgan said that the vaccine is not mandatory and people can choose whether to have it or not.

Health Minister Eluned Morgan said: "The vaccine is not mandatory and people can choose whether to have the vaccine or not. There will be appropriate information made available for children and young people and their parents to make up their minds about vaccination.

"Parents or guardians will be asked to give consent. I encourage parents, guardians, children and young people to discuss together whether or not to have the vaccination."The decision to have a COVID-19 vaccine is a choice for each individual to make.

You can find more information about vaccinating children on Public Health Wales' website.

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