Police warn over 'Asian gold' burglary trend emerging in north Wales

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Credit: PA

Police have warned of a "crime trend" involving burglaries at the homes of Asian families.

North Wales Police have said thieves are targeting "Asian gold" and are looking for high purity, high-value gold jewellery – often bought as wedding gifts in British Asian families and passed down through generations.

Officers have advised the Asian community in north Wales – particularly in eastern areas - to take extra precautions to secure their valuables and protect their homes from being targeted.

It comes following a burglary reported in north Wales on September 29th where £2,000 worth of cash and gold was stolen from a Chinese family’s home.

The incident happened next to a busy retail park during the daytime near Caernarfon Road in Bangor

The event occurred sometime between 9.35am and 3pm on Wednesday. Credit: Google Maps

Detective Sergeant Jenna Hughes wants the public to know that their aim is "not to scare, but to alert the Asian community to be vigilant".

“As the nights become darker during the autumn and winter months, we do also usually see an increase in these type of burglary offences," She said.

“It’s important that people are aware of these offences and to take extra precautions to secure their valuables.”

DS Hughes added: “A home that looks empty is far more likely to be targeted, so it’s worth making sure your home looks occupied."

Police have issued the following advice:

  • Improve CCTV and burglar alarms

  • Keep high-value items in a safe deposit box or bank

  • Take a number of photos and itemising jewellery on home insurance policies

  • Security lighting can be used to make offenders feel vulnerable

  • Locking all windows and doors before leaving the house

  • Consider the location of valuables within your home

  • Work with your neighbours to keep an eye