'I love the guy' - Mark Drakeford can ring me says Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has hit back at the First Minister’s claims that he does not engage properly with devolved governments.Mark Drakeford has frequently criticised the Prime Minister for infrequent conversations and meetings during the pandemic and to work out plans for the recovery.Most recently he told the Guardian that he hasn’t heard from him since June.But in an interview with ITV Wales’ Political Editor, Boris Johnson said it works two ways.“He keeps saying by the way that I never I never call him, well he never calls me - I mean come on - it takes two to tango.“I love the guy but he's not on the phone to me all the time [and] I keep reading in the papers: ‘Mark Drakeford denounces Boris Johnson for failing to ring him up’ - well come on, you know he can always - If he really wants to have a conversation then he can ring me up.”