New NHS Covid pass rules for Wales: How to get one and where you need it

Covid passes show the individual is double-vaccinated or provide proof of a negative lateral flow test.

The Covid pass scheme is being extended to more venues in Wales this week.

From Monday November 15, people will need to show an NHS Covid pass to enter cinemas, theatres and concert halls.

Passes had already been needed for nightclubs and larger indoor and outdoor events, with a further extension for over-18s approved by the Senedd in a vote last week.

Those who fake a coronavirus test result or vaccination status will be committing a criminal offence and face a fixed penalty notice.

But what exactly are Covid passes needed for? And how do you get one?

Where do I need a Covid pass in Wales?

From November 15, over-18s will need a Covid pass to enter the following in Wales:

  • Any nightclub, cinema or theatre

  • Indoor non-seated events for more than 500 people, such as concerts or conventions

  • Outdoor non-seated events for more than 4,000 people

  • Any setting or event with more than 10,000 people in attendance

How do I get a Covid pass?

The aim of the Covid pass is to prove you are double-vaccinated or have tested negative for Covid-19, within 48 hours of the event or attending the venue.

So you can take a free lateral flow test and report your test result on gov.uk. Your test result is then either emailed or sent to you by text message - these are also considered proof of a negative test.

To access the NHS Covid pass you'll need to go to the NHS (nhs.uk) website and create a login if you haven't done so already - for this you'll need a form of ID and complete the checks.

  • ITV Wales correspondent Owain Phillips explains the process behind the Covid pass:

You can then access your Covid pass and save it to your phone or print it off.

You can produce a Covid pass using a smart phone, tablet, computer or laptop.

Your NHS Covid pass includes a barcode. It is normal for the expiry date to be 30 days. The expiry date refers to the barcode and will update automatically every time you log on to the service. It does not apply to your vaccination status.

If you have a shorter expiry date, then it is likely that you have not fully validated your ID. You will be given an option to fully validate your ID in order to get a pass with a longer expiry date.

If you live in Wales, you cannot get the pass via the NHS app as this is only valid in England.

If you do not have photographic ID or a relevant smart device you will need to request a paper NHS Covid certificate.