Nightclubs decide to close early as Covid pass requirement comes into force

What do Cardiff residents think of the new Covid passes? Political Correspondent Owain Phillips found out

One nightclub has decided it's safer to close early rather than implement Covid passes, as the new law comes into force across Wales today.

Those attending nightclubs and other large events will need the pass to show they are double vaccinated from October 11. Alternatively, they can provide proof of a negative lateral flow test within the last 48 hours.

However one nightclub in Prestatyn has made the decision to close their doors early instead of implementing Covid passes.

Assistant Manager of Bar 236, said, "It is going to cost us money unfortunately, but we feel as though the risks of trying to abide by all the new rules in regard to the Covid passport outweigh the benefit of staying open".

It comes as many aren't convinced the new law will make any difference to the spread of the virus.

He added, "A lot of our clients on the weekend are from the younger generation who might not abide by the rules".

"We just feel as though it's safer and more beneficial for us to close earlier and not have to enforce the rules."

Bar 236 went on to explain it would be difficult to actually manage the Covid pass too, particularly with a lot of new staff. "They may not be able to or feel confident enough to ask people for Covid passports or even tell people that they can't stay."

Covid passes will demonstrate double vaccination or proof of a negative lateral flow test Credit: PA

In addition to nightclubs, Covid passes will also be mandatory for indoor non-seated events for more than 500 people and outdoors ones of more than 4,000.

It will also include any setting with more than 10,000 in attendance.

The Welsh Government voted in favour of introducing the Covid pass last week after just one vote in the Senedd tipped the scales.

Mark Drakeford has said the purpose of the Covid pass was “not to penalise any business, it’s to give that business an extra defence to allow it to continue to operate”.

The First Minister says he "recognises the vulnerability" that Covid passes pose to the system, with the opportunity to 'fake' a test lateral flow test to gain entry.

However he is confident that people across Wales will not.

He explained, "It's very easy to use, it builds our defences against coronavirus and it helps nightclubs and other venues to stay open during the autumn and winter".

The new measures are hoped to cut down on the transmission of the virus and potentially avoid more strict measures coming into force later in the year.