Travel restriction changes in Wales see many countries taken off the red list

  • Video report by ITV Wales correspondent Charanpreet Khaira

Changes to travel restrictions in Wales means many countries have been removed from the red list without the need to quarantine upon return.

The travel red list is being cut down from 54 countries to seven. Long-haul destinations like Mexico and South Africa are some of the places which have been removed.

This means visitors won't have to pay to quarantine in a hotel for 11 nights on their return.

However the Welsh Government is yet to decide on whether the expensive PCR tests taken on the second day after returning will be replaced with cheaper lateral flow tests - if you're double jabbed.

This will come into effect from late October in England.

Suzanne Cumpston who works at a travel agents in Cowbridge said the different rules are "confusing".

"We have Welsh clients who book with us in this office, we have English clients who book with us in this office, I mean we’ve had discrepancies now throughout the pandemic."

The travel red list is being cut down from 54 countries to seven Credit: PA

The First Minister admitted it is difficult "not to follow what the UK government does in the area of international travel".

He added, "Our energies have been focused on trying to persuade the UK government not to erode the safeguards to check we’re not all put at risk in ways that need not happen".

People who travel to and from England, but still live in Wales, will still need to follow the international travel guidance set out by the Welsh Government.

Changes to the red list in Wales means that many are able to reunite with their families after more than 18 months apart.

Youmna Mouhamad's family live 5000 miles away in Mayotte - a small island in the Indian Ocean. She hasn't been able to see her loved ones in four years.

She explained, "My parents are quite old so you know you’re always concerned especially when you have elderly parents and even when you live abroad you’re just like I wanna see them and hug them".

"Being able to go see them I’m really excited. I literally just wanna go hug my father."