Welsh online sensation Owen Filer turns 102 and shares his wisdom

Owen Filer reads one of his poems to ITV Wales correspondent Rob Osborne in the video above.

Wales' best-known centenarian is celebrating his 102nd birthday - and he says he doesn't feel "a day older" than he did at 101.

Owen Filer, from Cwmbran, doesn't have access to the internet but that didn't stop him from going viral because of his youthful appearance back in 2020.

ITV Wales' Rob Osborne previously interviewed the father-of-four during lockdown, when he was shocked to hear his interview had amassed more than seven million views on social media.

He caught up with Owen again ahead of his birthday at his home in Cwmbran.

And the 102-year-old doesn't seem to be showing any signs of slowing down, saying he'd still be at work if it wasn't for a bad leg.

Sharing his thoughts about why Wales has more people aged over 100 than other parts of the UK, Owen said: "Well we look after ourselves in Wales - Welsh beef, Welsh lamb, home-cooked dinners with home-made gravy, none of this fast-food nonsense.

"Live sensibly, respect your body."

And Owen isn't just focusing on his body - as he writes poems to keep his mind active, tackling topics like climate change in his work.

Rob first met Owen while filming in Newport back in January before the pandemic began.

When asked whether we can tackle climate change by working together, the 102-year-old said: "Yes - if we had a real intention and have a will to do it.

"They must tell themselves 'we've got to do it', but they're not doing it, are they? They're just not doing it."

Owen said people's living habits also need to change: "Legs were made before wheels weren't they?

"People won't go anywhere today. Oh, get the car get the car. It's all car car car," he said.

Owen pictured with his wife and four children Credit: OWEN FILER

When Owen was reminded he has lived through 20 British Prime ministers, 19 US Presidents, nine Popes and four Kings and Queens, he replied: "Yes and I knew them all."

And his message to well-wishers sending him a happy birthday?

"Thank you very much, God bless you all. I'll see you next year, make sure you're there!"