Llandudno goat put down by RSPCA after being hit by car

Covid prevented the goats getting their annual birth control injections

A goat has died after being hit by a car in Llandudno, leading to calls for another round-up.

The Great Orme goats have been causing chaos during the pandemic, with kids roaming the streets and neighbourhood gardens for a spot of lunch.

At the last count there were 156 in the Kashmiri herd but Covid prevented the annual birth control injections taking place and now there are many more young billies venturing into town.

The goats achieved world-wide fame last year for their exploits around Llandudno, but in April this year, people living in the town started putting up signs warning drivers about goats roaming on main roads as they feared that one of the animals could be killed.

At the last count there were 156 goats in the Kashmiri herd Credit: Hermione Aurora Mia Deakin

Most of the goats returned to the Great Orme headland or were rounded up, but a small group remained around the Little Orme, Penrhyn Hill and Craigside areas.

And now a goat has been put down by the RSPCA after it was struck by a car. A Conwy County Borough Council statement said: "Several organisations have an interest in the Great Orme goats for reasons of land ownership, conservation or animal welfare, including Conwy County Borough Council, Llandudno Town Council, Mostyn Estates Ltd, Natural Resources Wales and the RSPCA (Aberconwy Branch)."Earlier this year, these organisations arranged for 20 goats to be rounded up from various areas of Llandudno where they were causing a direct traffic hazard on main roads.

The Llandudno goats have been exploring the town throughout the pandemic Credit: Starfish Design

"Once returned to the Great Orme, they were housed, fed and watered for a week in the pen, and then released in small groups over the course of a few days."A small group of goats evaded the round-up earlier this year and are currently in the Little Orme/Penrhyn Hill/Craigside area."We’ve erected signs on Penrhyn Hill to warn motorists about wild animals in the area."We’re monitoring the situation - if they don’t return through their own instincts, we’re looking at options to take them back to the Great Orme."