Spiking: Police investigate reports of spiked drinks and injections in Swansea

261021 Wind Street Swansea

Police are investigating a number of reports of young women being spiked in Wind Street, Swansea.

It is claimed four women who visited two venues in the city's nightlife hotspot were spiked by injection on Saturday evening, and ended up having to spend some hours in A&E as a result.Many people have posted warnings on social media for others to be on their guard after the latest reported incidences, and South Wales Police has explained how it is working with licensed premises to alert them to be "extra vigilant".A spokeswoman for South Wales Police said: "Police are aware of public concern around reports of spiking in towns and cities around the UK. Spiking is when alcohol or drugs are put into someone's drink without their knowledge or permission.

There is also some concern at the possibility that people are being ‘spiked’ by needles or syringes containing drugs."We have received a small number of reports from people who believe this might have happened to them and these are currently under investigation. Our officers are working with licensed premises to alert them to spiking methods and asking them to be extra vigilant at this time."We take all reports seriously and encourage anyone who believes they have been a victim of spiking in any form to contact us."South Wales Police has an excellent history of partnership working and we provide training to staff at city centre licensed premises to help them identify and safeguard vulnerable people and we regularly see examples of where this training has paid off."

Nightclubs such as Sin City have taken action over the issue by ordering 12,500 'StopTopps' - anti-spiking lids - as well as implementing a policy that allows those who think their drink might have been spiked to get a replacement for free in the absence of comprehensive drinks testing.Other clubs such as the Bunkhouse music venue have taken similar measures.But widespread and national calls have been made for the root cause of the issue to be tackled, rather than women being forced to take steps to protect themselves.

With reports of spiking cases on the rise, a boycott of nightclubs in Wales is planned to protest drink spiking and there are calls for increased safety measures across venues.Creative Hospitality Group (CHG), the company behind Peppermint Swansea and Bambu Beach Bar, has said it is backing the ‘Girls Night In’ boycott campaign, which takes place on Wednesday, October 27.It said representatives were meeting with Swansea’s ‘Girls Night In’ team to discuss the issue, offer support, and learn about additional safety measures its venues could put in place to tackle drink spiking.