The bellydancer who fled Morocco and is campaigning for LGBT+ and BAME rights

Rahim El Habachi performs and speaks to ITV Wales report Issa Farfour

Meet activist Rahim El Habachi - who is using his art as a way of expressing himself, while campaigning for those from the LGBT+ and BAME community.

Rahim came to the UK in 2017 after leaving Morocco fearing for his life, thinking the UK would give him the freedom to be himself.

He said, "I left Morocco in 2017 because of fear of prosecution as a gay man.

"Morocco is still criminalising the LGBT community alongside 69 other countries and when I came here, thinking I would be safe and I'll be who I am, there were no safe spaces for asylum seekers."

Rahim also campaigns to break down the stigma of HIV

As both a Glitter Cymru and Pride Cymru committee member, Rahim is now working to support and amplify the voices of ethnic minority LGBT people in Wales, by advocating for safe housing for LGBT asylum seekers in the UK.

"I think the initiative to make the Black History year is an amazing opportunity, it means that we have to talk about these issues and we have to reflect on our past.

"These issues need to be talked about around the clock, everyday, every month because black people don't exist only in a month, LGBT folks don't exist only in one month."

As a playwright, actor and belly dancer, Rahim is using his art as a way of expressing himself to stay visible and campaign for those who represent both the LGBT and BAME community.

He has been performing a one man show called The Love Thief at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff, inspired by the myth of Prometheus.

"I am trying to take as much space as I can and try to be visible as much as I can.

"Something that I do with my art as a playwright, actor and bellydancer - through my art I am trying to be more and more visible and more and more loud."

The final performance of The Love Thief is being performed on Friday (29 October).