COP26: Queues, conferences and climate change action in Glasgow

Monday 1st November marked our first official media day at COP26, the climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland, where leaders from around the world are gathering to discuss what can be done to tackle the issue.

Myself and my colleagues, journalist Mike Griffiths and camera operator Rob Milburn, had travelled to Glasgow over the weekend ahead of our first full day covering the conference centre.

But it wasn't exactly what you would call a smooth start on our first day.

The day started with a lot of queuing to even get into the front door of the conference centre - and that was even before we had hit the security point where even bigger queues had formed.

It took hours for us to get into the conference centre on Monday morning. Credit: Rob Milburn

But once we managed to get in, the hustle and bustle continued. The conference centre was so busy, full of people milling around, on their way to conferences and stalls and taking in the latest speeches on TV screens dotted around the place.

The ITV Cymru Wales press desk where camera operator Rob is checking the conference feeds.

It was then time for us to head to the 'Action Zone' - an area where people can gather to discuss and debate what action can be taken to tackle climate change in an informal setting, whilst a giant globe stays spinning above their heads.

Monday has seen some big names arrive at COP26, ranging from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, American President Joe Biden, David Attenborough and the Prince of Wales, His Royal Highness Prince Charles.

There's also a Welsh touch to one of the conference rooms here in Glasgow, with one being named the 'Pen Y Fan' room. Every conference room here has been given a name relating to every nation and region in the UK.

A giant globe hangs above one section of the conference centre.

After a busy day of gathering interviews, weaving our way through the crowds and filming the events going on around COP26, it was then time for the three of us to head back to our desk in the media centre, to put together a report and articles to show on ITV Cymru Wales' Wales at Six and on the website.

Although it may be just the three of us here in Glasgow, it's a huge team effort, with journalists and production specialists back in Cardiff helping us with everything from downloading footage of important speeches at the conference, to planning what stories we should cover and who we should speak to over the days ahead.

The three of us here at COP26 all feel incredibly proud to be covering this huge story for ITV Cymru Wales.

We've been fascinated to see how the conference itself has come together and we've also heard a lot of optimism from the people we've spoken to and interviewed about their prospects for the future and dealing with climate change.

It should be a very exciting - and busy - two weeks to come!

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