Climate change activists demand urgent action in a number of protests across Wales

Climate change protests have taken place in major cities across Wales today as world leaders continue to discuss future plans at COP26.

A number of rallies were planned across the whole of the UK, including Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea.

Protests also took place in Glasgow where the climate change conference is being held.

Thousands of activists are demanding urgent action on climate change by joining together and holding world leaders to account.

Their focus is on global climate justice and security for nature's recovery.

Thousands of activists are uniting across the country to demand action on climate change. Credit: Matthew Horwood

Mass marches have been planned by a coalition of different organisations including RSPB Cymru.

These groups believe that any plans to reduce climate change must also stop the decline of nature.

Hundreds of protestors met at Bangor pier this afternoon to start their rally. They walked into the city centre.

Environmentalists, faith groups and students also took part to demand stronger and faster action.

One student in Bangor said, "I think you can see from everyone here today that we care about the environment, we care about being plastic-free, we care about about global change, but we need action."

"It's reached crisis point. I just want to stand up and add my voice and call on the governments of the world to not just make promises, but to act on those promises as well so that change actually happens", one protester explained.

Another urged, "Keep fossil fuels in the ground. If we don't dig up more coal, oil and gas, then other alternatives and innovations will happen."

Hundreds of protestors marched through the streets of Cardiff. Credit: Matthew Horwood

In Cardiff, protestors marched from City Hall through the streets of the city centre before ending up in Cardiff Bay, where they rallied and gave speeches at the Senedd steps.

The climate conference comes after almost every country in the world agreed in 2015 to try to limit global warming to below 2 degrees and ideally 1.5, compared to pre-industrial times.

They then promised to track progress towards that target every five years.