Barry mother whose child experienced racism at school leads the way on anti-racism education

ITV Wales Reporter Hamish Auskerry speaks to the mum behind the 'I Am' programme

A mother from Barry whose child experienced racism at school has devised a course to tackle the problem.

Soraya Cordle, founder of an organisation called 'It's Mandatory CIC', created the ‘I Am’ programme, an anti-racism course designed to eradicate institutional racism in the education sphere and ensure representation within the new curriculum. 

In 2020, Soraya told ITV Wales how her daughter becoming a victim of racism at school had an effect on the whole family.

She said: "It’s affected me as a parent, I’m helpless. What can I do except raise complaints and my concerns?"

Soraya felt helpless as her daughter became a victim of racism at school.

Nearly two years after pulling her daughter out of full time education, Soraya is now delivering an anti-racism course in schools. 

Mount Stuart Primary School in Cardiff was one of those who benefited from Soraya’s knowledge and experience. 

Having clearly engaged with the programme, one child said: "Racism is really bad because if you were that person and someone was being rude to you just because of your skin, how would you feel?"

Another added: "We’ve learnt a lot about ourselves and how we’re feeling and that race isn’t real."

Mount Stuart Primary School in Cardiff benefited from the anti-racism course.

From victim to change-maker, Soraya is now calling on the Welsh Government to take action and invest in anti-racism education.  

She said: "The first interview we had, I was a mother who was just desperate and really frustrated with what my daughter experienced in school.

"A solution is what I’ve come up with and I’m just hoping that the Government and local authorities back it and see the value in the ‘I Am’ programme and the benefit that it will have for their future generations."

Jeremy Miles, Minister for Education and Welsh language, said: "We’ve had the benefit of the advice from Professor Charlotte Williams and her committee in terms of what we need to do in this space and there’s a significant piece of investment, commissioning resources to help schools deliver this part of the curriculum effectively."

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