Caerphilly dog attack: Boy was trapped in house with 'large and powerful' animal

ITV Correspondent Hannah Thomas reports from Caerphilly

A 10-year-old boy who was killed in a dog attack had been trapped in a house with the "large and powerful" animal, police has confirmed.

Gwent Police were first called to a property in Pentwyn, Penyrheol, at 3.55pm yesterday (November 8).

Officers managed to distract the dog so Jack Lis could be removed from the house, but the 10-year-old died "instantly" at the scene, police have said.

Chief superintendent Mark Hobrough provided more detail about the investigation during a press conference today.

He said the breed of dog had not yet been identified and confirmed police were interviewing the owner of the animal.

He also confirmed Jack did not live at the property where the attack happened and was instead visiting the house with a friend.

Ch Supt Hobrough said: "At 3.55pm yesterday, Gwent Police received a call concerning a young male child who was trapped in a house in Penyrheol, Caerphilly, being attacked by a dog.

"Officers attended and were met by a community who were very concerned and out on the streets about the incident ongoing.

"Officers managed to distract the dog in the premises so the child could be removed from the front of the address. Tragically the injuries meant the loss of life of Jack happened instantly at the scene."

Watch police guarding the house where the attack happened today.

The dog was destroyed by firearms officers after Jack was removed from the house.

Ch Supt Hobrough continued: "Firearms officers destroyed the dog which was still continuing to act extremely aggressively and trying to escape the premises."

"I am unable to confirm the breed of dog at the moment, I can tell you that it was a large and powerful dog acting extremely aggressively at the scene."

Jack's mother, Emma Whitfield, paid an emotional tribute to her son on social media today, who she described as her "beautiful boy."

In a Facebook post she said: "We love you so much our sweet, sweet boy."