Christmas: Cardiff Winter Wonderland returns with new Ice bar

Cardiff ice bar was made with 17 tonnes of ice. Credit: Sand in your Eyes
  • By ITV Wales Intern Kasey Rees

Winter Wonderland is set to return to Cardiff after a hiatus - this time with the addition of an ice bar.

In 2020, the popular Christmas event was closed early due to the Covid-19 restrictions that led to up to the big day.

This year, the attraction returns and will be bigger than ever, covering two sites across the city, between the City Hall Lawns and inside Cardiff Castle.

2021's Winter wonderland is bigger than ever.

There will be two new features introduced to the event - an Ice Bar and a new outdoor roof terrace for guests to enjoy - as well as a 150m ice walk within the grounds of the Castle.

The ice bar is a brand new attraction to Winter Wonderland and is Wales' first ever Ice Bar experience.

The bar will be situated within the Cardiff City Lawn gardens, and will be chilled to minus 10 degrees.

Claire Jamieson, a sculptor at Sand in Your Eyes, helped create the feature and thinks it's a fantastic addition to Winter Wonderland.

She said: "We had a great week installing the ice bar, it was a pleasure to be in Cardiff and work with the Sayers team.

"I think it makes a great addition to Winter Wonderland, and I hope it will get everyone in the festive mood."

It took seven sculptures to make the Ice bar Credit: Sand in your eyes

The ice bar was made using 17 tones of ice and was created by seven ice sculptors, inside the bar is an arctic theme complete with a working table hockey game made from ice.

Organiser of Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland, Norman Sayers said: "We’re very excited about the Ice Bar launching at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland.

"It is a complete first for the city and we look forward to offering something different for visitors to enjoy this Winter.

"Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland is always looking for ways to expand and evolve, and the Ice Bar is a great opportunity for that."

The experience lasts 35 minutes with tickets for the event on Ticketsource ice bar. The bar welcomes children, but is mainly for adults.

The Cardiff Ice bar experience will be there for the duration of the event, which runs from November 16 through to January 2.