Stagecoach bus strike: New pay deal ends driver dispute in Wales

The victory comes after 17 days of Industrial Action Credit: Unite Wales

Unite members at Stagecoach in South Wales have won a major victory in their fight to improve their terms and conditions and end a strike, which brought disruption to more than 50 routes.

Following 17 days of Industrial Action and with the threat of continuous strike action looming from November 17, Stagecoach have relented and offered a new deal to their workers.

The revised pay offer achieves many of the goals set out by our members throughout the dispute.

Crucially this includes a pay rise of £1 per hour, equalling a new rate of pay of £10.50 per hour, back-dated to April 2021.

Unite members voted on Tuesday to accept the company's new offer and further strike action has now been called off.

Sharon Graham, Unite General Secretary, said: "This is a tremendous victory for our members at Stagecoach South Wales.

"They been completely united throughout the strike. As result they have achieved what is a breakthrough deal for these workers, of £10.50 an hour.

"Our union is completely focused on driving up pay and conditions in the sector and this deal is an important statement of our intention to deliver upon this.

"All transport operators in Wales need to recognise that we will not accept poverty pay for our members."

Regional Officer, Alan McCarthy, said: "Our members have been inspirational throughout this dispute.

Credit: PA

"Not only have they achieved the £10.50 hourly rate with back pay, they successfully pushed back against cuts to sick pay for some of the longest serving staff.

"This dispute has highlighted the scourge of low pay within the Welsh transport sector.

"With deregulation coming to an end in Wales we are calling upon the Welsh Government to us the opportunity to introduce a system of sectoral bargaining.

"Through this we can end the continuous race to the bottom which has driven down pay rates.

"This dispute has been a shining example of what Unite the Union is all about, fighting for Jobs, Pay and Conditions in the workplace.

"Our members here will remember this victory for a long time, they are determined to remain united going forward into future pay talks”.