Former Wales striker John Hartson launches new gambling and addiction help workshop

John Hartson battled a gambling addiction for over 20 years Credit: PA

Former Wales striker John Hartson has launched a new foundation named the JH gambling and addiction workshop to help those struggling with a gambling addiction.

The 46-year-old recovering addict is ten years clean, and to mark that occasion he has launched a support group to help those who think they may develop an addiction.

Despite having a fantastic career scoring 88 goals in 146 appearances with Celtic, behind closed doors he was struggling to battle a gambling addiction having been an addict for so long.

Now ten years sober Hartson is working with Tony Marini, a senior specialist therapist in addiction and anxiety, in educating people of all ages the dangers of gambling.

There have been calls to end advertising gambling companies on football shirts for years Credit: PA

He said: "The John Hartson gambling programme is where we are going to do a lot of workshops with businesses and companies across the country.

"It's about educating young people and adults on how they educate their children, the workshops will allow us to supply that education.

"I gambled for twenty years and in the last 10 year's my recovery has been important to me and my family, and I managed to get to a place where I am 10 year's clean."

Since launching the workshops the Welshman has received a lot of support on social media with some even asking for his help.

He added: "I have had hundreds requests on social media asking if i can help people, the one thing they ask is how did I do it, how did I get to a place of where i stopped gambling.

"I got to a place where i am ten years clean, it is big to other people, its big to myself but I want to be eleven, twenty years clean.

"I am minor compared the potential gamblers out there and how long they have been gambling for.

"I am passionate about helping others to get themselves in a position where they no longer feel the need to gamble anymore."

Hartson is also calling for UK Government intervention on betting companies that sponsor sports teams.

If you think you know someone who is an addict or you are thinking of gambling please telephone the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133 for further help.