Wetherspoons claim some customers faked injuries after ceiling collapsed in Storm Arwen

A spokesperson for Weatherspoons said "no customers or staff were injured" in the incident.

Weatherspoons are claiming some customers faked their injuries after a ceiling collapsed during Storm Arwen on Friday night.

The North and South Bank pub in Wrexham remains closed after part of the ceiling fell through above some customers.

People were seen rushing out of the way to avoid the falling debris. The pub was evacuated just after 10:20 on Friday 26 November.

Weatherspoons has confirmed no staff or customers were injured during the incident.

However the pub chain claims some customers who were at the bar at the time 'pretended' to have been injured.

The North and South Bank pub in Wrexham remains closed today after part of the ceiling fell through following Storm Arwen.

The pub will remain closed until further notice while a structural engineer, builder and architect assess the damage.

A spokesperson for Wetherspoons said: “Staff called the emergency services and evacuated the pub immediately.

“No customers or staff were injured although two customers pretended they had been hit but when confronted by the police and Wetherspoon staff looking at CCTV it showed clearly that no customers were struck by any debris.

“While the pub is shut staff will be deployed to the Elihu Yale (other Wetherspoon pub in Wrexham).”

The pub was evacuated just after 10:20pm on Friday 26 November.

The Welsh Ambulance Service said they were called to the scene at 10.26pm following reports of two potentially injured customers.

In a statement, they said one rapid response vehicle attended the scene but the potentially injured customers had left by the time paramedics arrived and the team were stood down.

North Wales Police have been contacted for comment on the incident at the North and South Bank pub.

The incident happen as Storm Arwen swept across the region with winds reaching 90mph.