Cardiff Christmas shoppers given 'Breather Bubbles' to take time out from city's crowds

According to a recent survey, 42% of people said they are feeling anxious about Christmas crowds. Credit: ITV Wales

Cardiff shoppers can escape from the Christmas retail chaos this season as two ‘Breather Bubbles’ are introduced to the city centre. 

The bubbles, provided by the business improvement district, FOR Cardiff, will offer a quiet, calm space for shoppers seeking time out during the festive madness. 

Located at John Lewis and Morgan Quarter, the ‘bubbles’ will be open for all, whether you're overwhelmed by the Christmas rush or just fancy a quiet five. 

Two 'Breather bubbles' have been located in Cardiff to offer a calm space for shoppers.

The ‘Breather bubbles’ were created in response to a survey by FOR Cardiff, which showed that 42% of people are feeling anxious about Christmas crowds.

And 52% of shoppers said they would benefit from a space to relax and reflect whilst in the capital city over the Christmas period. 

Although it's known as the season of joy, Christmas can be overwhelming for many, as Adrian Field, Executive Director of For Cardiff, explains.

"It can be a very stressful time for people, particularly what’s happened in the last 20-months, so we wanted to offer people a bit of a sanctuary really to rest and relax whilst their doing their shopping, eating, drinking and hopefully enjoying themselves."

Staffed by the Samaritans, support will also be on hand at the spaces and free holistic therapies will be offered by ‘Yurt in the City.’ 

Speaking on behalf of the Samaritans, Kat Jones, located at one of the 'Breather bubbles', said: "We’re always looking to get out there into the communities and support people with emotional support.

"This gives us a space, in which if anybody who need that emotional support, particularly in the run up to Christmas, particularly as we’re still in a pandemic, that we can be there for anyone who wants to talk."

Designed by Cadi Lane, a graduate of Cardiff’s very own Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, the unique spaces will open this weekend (December 4), swapping bauble shopping mayhem to ‘Breather Bubble’ bliss.

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