Welsh seaside town tackles issue of greedy gulls with 'bird-proof' bin bags

Residents in the seaside town have complained that their bin bags are being pecked open by gulls. Credit: ITV News / PA Images

A seaside town in Ceredigion is aiming to tackle messy bin day scenes by introducing bird-proof bin bags. 

Fed up of gulls pecking through the bags to find food, families in Aberystwyth are being offered the chance to buy thick 'super sacks' to store their waste. 

The ‘Caru Aber Super Sacks’, which are being rolled out by the local council, will cost £10.50 each and are reusable.

The white sacks hold clear recycling bags, which are collected on a weekly basis, while the black sacks are for non-recyclable waste, which is collected every three weeks.

Each super sack holds up to three or four normal-sized waste bags.

The pesky birds of Aberystwyth leave scenes of destruction as they peck through bin bags for food. Credit: PA

Their aim is to help prevent littered streets on refuse collection day, with piles of rubbish blowing around the town where the bags have been ripped open by nuisance birds.

Speaking on behalf of Ceredigion County Council, a spokesperson said: “The sacks provide an alternative to wheelie bins and other containers, where storage space and access may be an issue.

“They provide greater protection for the waste from ravaging wildlife, including seagulls, as well as the elements.”

Aberystwyth’s town mayor, Cllr Alun Williams, has also welcomed the new initiative and believes the super sacks will be popular amongst fed-up locals. 

He said: “All of us living in the town have a responsibility to deal with our waste in the right way and that includes the way it’s presented for collection.

“I know many people have asked to be given the option of using sacks to protect their waste bags.

“I’m sure there will be a demand for the sacks and we’ll all benefit from a tidier street scene on collection days.”

The sacks can be collected locally from Ceredigion Museum and the Tourist Information Centre.