Unusual fish normally found in deep waters washes up on a Gower beach

The anglerfish is slow moving and normally found in waters up to depths of 550 metres. Credit: Andy Rees

An unusual fish which is normally found in the depths of the waters has washed up on a Gower beach in Swansea.

One runner was in for a surprise when he stumbled upon the creature from the deep.

Runner Andy Rees saw the unusual looking fish whilst out on a run along Three Cliffs Bay.

He said: "I took quite a few photos while on a run. It was actually upside down when I saw it and not a pretty sight.

"So I gently lifted it over with my foot, not realising I'd put my foot in its mouth!

"It was certainly an unusual thing to see."

The anglerfish was found along Three Cliffs Bay. Credit: Andy Rees

The anglerfish he found can normally grow up to 200cm in length and is very distinctive.

They have a broad head and a fleshy 'lure' at the end of its first dorsal spine, which is used to attract prey.

The anglerfish is slow moving and usually found in waters up to depths of 550 metres.

It's uncommon to see the species in water shallower than 18 metres although it may migrate down to as deep as 2000m in offshore waters in order to reproduce.

A spokesperson from the Marine Conservation Society said: "Fishmongers call them monkfish; its also known as Lophius piscatorius.

"It’s likely the fish has ended up on the coast as a result of the stormy weather we’ve been having lately. They’re pretty common in UK waters."