Grandmother breaks festive world record with impressive Christmas bauble collection

Meet the woman who's decked the halls, walls and everything in between. Yasmin Bodalbhai went to Swansea to meet Nana Baubles

A grandmother from Swansea has broken a festive world record for the largest collection of Christmas baubles.

Sylvia Pope, also known as Nana Baubles, has a total of 1,760 festive ornaments displayed throughout her home.

The 78-year-old spends months decorating her home every year for the festive period, starting as early as September.

Mrs Pope hopes to reach 2,000 by the new year.

Mrs Pope hopes to reach 2,000 baubles by the new year. Credit: PA

The bauble collection, as recognised by the Guinness World Records, includes a wide range of ornaments from around the world, from memorable trips to Macy’s in New York to her local shops in Swansea.

Mrs Pope, who turns 79 on Boxing Day, says some of her favourite pieces include a lobster, Disney characters and sentimental baubles made be her family and friends.

She says her collection brings "enjoyment" and added "it is exciting to see all the different types you can buy".

The grandmother's collection joins a number of historical festive-themed records including the longest wish list to Santa, consisting of 124,969 wishes in 2017, and the largest Christmas snowflake ornament measuring 3.2m (10ft) in 2019.

"We all need a bit of yuletide cheer right now, and records like these really put a smile on your face," said Craig Glenday, editor in chief at Guinness World Records.

"Nana Baubles clearly have an infectious passion for Christmas and has created her own record-breaking winter wonderlands at home.

"It’s wonderful to be able to share their joy of the festive season with the rest of the world."