Pembrokeshire women produce festive yarn bombing extravaganza

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A group of women have been spinning a seasonal surprise for the village of Lamphey, producing a festive yarn bombing extravaganza in the village.

Members of the Lamphey and District Women’s Institute in Pembrokeshire have constructed a surprise snowman display using knitting, crocheting and other crafts.

Members of the Lamphey and District Women’s Institute have constructed a surprise snowman display using knitting and crocheting

“What we did was we made a frame out of wire and then we paper mashed around it, we did some plaster of Paris as well", said one of the members.

She added: " What we didn’t want them to do was to be flying through the air off to Carmarthen WI.”

Another said: “It was such a lovely thing to do, being separated for so long and being new to WI as we both are, it really welcomed us in to the WI which is what it’s all about. 

“We just wanted to bring a bit of joy into the village, and I think we really have.”

They "just wanted to bring a bit of joy into the village"

The display is made up of two life-size snowmen, their dog, a teddy bear and decorations.

Over 15 members have been involved in the project and wool has been donated by the community with an unravelling party planned in the new year to reuse it, where possible, for other projects including blankets and premature baby hats.

People are being encouraged to pose for a photo with the snowmen

The group also hopes to raise valuable funds for the Sandy Bear Bereavement Charity and people who are unable to enjoy Christmas with somebody they have lost.

Karen Codd from the charity said the idea was "wonderful".

“One of the things I absolutely love about this fundraiser is on their poster they talk about not all children have their special person around to have a cwtch, so to come on the bench and have one with their snowman and lady, so that’s wonderful", she said.

Karen Codd, Sandy Bear Bereavement Charity

Lamphey and District WI president, Pat Parkhurst, added :“The WI is a core part of village life and we hope to be able to help raise a few smiles this Christmas as well as generate some funds for such a worthwhile charity.

“We’ve had great fun working on this display over the last few months and it has been a particularly good activity to engage with the many new members that we have welcomed recently.”

The project has also gained support from Lamphey School and the Lamphey Hall hotel who will host collection buckets for those wishing to donate.