Covid: Brides 'in tears' and dressmaker suffering 'emotional exhaustion' with latest restrictions

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Wedding venues and dressmakers say they've had brides "in tears" over whether their big days can go ahead, as new Covid restrictions are set to come into force on Boxing Day.

Director and Designer of E&W Couture, Sophie Creed, says she lost a massive amount of income last year and is fearful for the future of her business.

She said, "it’s impacted the last 2 years of our lives now. It was set to be a very busy year but with new restrictions coming in, the anxiety around them, having to close things again and brides having to cancel - we’re just a bit nervous at the moment."

Sophie Creed is the director of E&W Couture. They design, manufacture and retail bridal outfits in Cardiff City Centre.

On Wednesday it was announced that wedding venues would have to reintroduce safety measures in response to Omicron.

From 26 December, the rule of six will apply to events where people are seated.

This means that at a wedding reception, a table can seat up to six people from different households, but it will be up to the venue to decide how many tables of six they can have at their venue, following a risk assessment.

While they can still go ahead, Sophie says many couples now want to postpone because they fear their big day won’t go as planned.

"[We have] emotional exhaustion, not only from running our own companies but trying to help brides as well.

The director of E&W Couture, Sophie Ceed, said she is "definitely worried about the business". Credit: ITV Wales

"We haven’t really had any support since the start of Covid whereas in Scotland they were offered a wedding fund. Weddings in Wales have just been completely overlooked."

The Welsh Government has announced £120 million of funding for businesses impacted by new Covid rules and some of that could be available to those in the wedding industry who are hit by these measures.

Jamie Williams runs Pencoed House Estate in Cardiff and says the new restrictions aren't clear and he's had people due to get married "in tears" on the phone unsure about how it will affect their big days.

Jamie Williams, who runs Pencoed House Estate in Cardiff says social distancing will definitely have an impact on some people's weddings. Credit: ITV Wales

He said, "The financial impact has still been quite heavy - our overheads are the same for a wedding of 120 or 30 or 40.

"The industry we’re in is a very happy industry - and it should be the best day of anyone’s life.

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