Christmas theft: Decorations stolen from Cardiff care homes ‘really upsetting’, says manager

  • Video report by ITV Wales' Issa Farfour

Two Cardiff based care homes have been left feeling “angry” and “upset” after their Christmas decorations were taken shortly after the big day. 

Ty Draw and Wentworth Lodge Care Homes, both on Ty Draw Road, Cardiff, believe their Christmas reindeers were stolen on the evening of December 28.  

Toby Stockton, the registered manager, said he was on his way to work when his partner noticed that the reindeers had disappeared outside the care home. 

The registered manager said the Christmas reindeers were nowhere to be seen on Wednesday morning.

He explained: “I said, 'No, nobody would steal a reindeer from a care home, it’s dark, they must just be off', but when we went up and looked, someone had cut the wires and taken the Christmas decorations from the care home.” 

“Upset” and “angry”, Mr Stockton phoned their other care home on the same road only to discover that someone had taken their Christmas decorations too.

He said: “When you think the staff have worked throughout this crisis, we’ve had no Covid in the care homes, they’ve been in full PPE, working really hard in plastic aprons and masks and then somebody is making a few pounds by stealing from a dementia care home, it’s really upsetting.” 

According to the manager, the reindeers had been bought to make Christmas “really special” for the residents and staff at the care homes. The decorations were supposed to create a “winter wonderland feel” after a tough year due to the pandemic. 

He said the reindeers were a big hit with the residents, with many coming out the front to have their photographs taken with them. 

Although most residents are not aware of the theft, as the care home “didn’t want to upset them”, one lady shared her disappointment with ITV Wales. 

One resident at Ty Draw Care Home said she wanted the thieves to bring the reindeer back.

Glenys Howells a resident at Ty Draw Lodge care home said: “People want to learn to mind their own business and keep their mucky hands to themselves. I don’t think it’s right, it’s nasty and it’s horrid.” 

In a plea to the Christmas thieves, she said: “Give them back to us, they’re not yours, they’re ours.”  

According to the owners, a Christmas tree was stolen from one of their care homes “about ten or twelve years ago”, but said theft hadn’t been a problem “for a long time”. 

The Cardiff care homes plan on replacing the reindeers next year to make sure the residents get to enjoy the Christmas decorations once again.