'Mysterious creature' spotted in Folly Farm pond turns out to be toy crocodile

The zoo team were sent to investigate after the 'creature' was spotted on the site. Credit: Folly Farm

Workers at Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire said they 'breathed a little sigh of relief' after a 'mysterious creature' spotted in one of the ponds at the site turned out to be a toy crocodile.

Folly Farm said it spotted the 'mysterious creature' in one of the ponds near the banded mongoose enclosure.

It said it had left workers 'scratching' their heads as to what the creature could be, but on closer inspection from the zoo team, it turned out to be a toy alligator someone had dropped in by accident.

The toy was recovered from one of the ponds on the site. Credit: Folly Farm

Folly Farm posted on social media: "This mysterious ’creature’ was spotted by one of our guests over the weekend in the banded mongoose enclosure and had us all scratching our heads… Was it a miniature Loch Ness Monster? A mysterious water lizard?!

"We sent our zoo team to investigate and I can reassure you all that it was just a toy crocodile that someone has dropped into the pond!

"We breathed a little sigh of relief I can tell you… But it did give us all a laugh this grey Monday morning!"