New research names Barry as 'easiest' place in Wales to pass driving test

Credit: PA Images

New research has revealed that Barry, south Wales, is the "easiest" place to pass a driving test as it has the highest success rate in the country.

Data analysed by company A-Plan Insurance examined the percentage of passes at each major driving test centre in Wales since April 2020.

It was Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan that had the highest pass rate out of all the Welsh test centres, with nearly 65% of learners there ending their test triumphant.

Llantrisant came in second spot with a pass rate of around 64% while Wrexham was at the bottom of the list at 48%.

Between April 2020 and June 2021, of 1096 tests conducted at the Barry test centre, 710 were passed. 

Just behind Barry, Llantrisant saw 2,089 prospective drivers and approved 1,345 of them as ready for the road.

Cardiff had a pass rate of 57.42% and Swansea placed just below that, with 54% passing there.

The lowest pass rate in Wales belongs to Wrexham, where 48% of the tests taken since April 2020 have been passed.

The research looked at 19 Welsh test centres and found an overall pass rate of almost 57%.

  • Pass rates at some of the Welsh test centres analysed:

Barry - 64.78%

Llantrisant - 64.38%

Brecon - 64.06%

Pwllheli - 63.39%

Pembroke Dock - 62.12%

Abergavenny - 61.84%

Carmarthen - 60.37%

Bridgend - 59.90%

Merthyr Tydfil - 58.50%

Monmouth - 58.12%

Reacting to the research, Mark Oakley, Interim Managing Director of AA Driving School, said things like whether you are driving in a city or the countryside can have an effect on an individual's test result.

Mr Oakley said: "Pass rates have always varied across the country between test centres and there are lots of factors that play their part in this, from differing traffic levels in urban and rural areas to the different hazards you may encounter.

"Whilst learners in Barry and Llantrisant may be more likely to be celebrating passing their test, unfortunately many are still waiting to take their tests, as the queues for theory and practical tests remains long.

"For those learners in the process of getting their driving licence, we’d recommend focussing on getting well-rounded experiences of driving with a good instructor and not on the pass rate of their local test centre.”