Here's what was happening in Wales on May 20 2020 while Downing Street party went ahead

An inquiry will be held after an email was leaked proving a party took place in May 2020. Credit: PA Images

The prime minister has admitted he attended a Covid lockdown-breaking party in his garden in 10 Downing Street, but claimed to MPs that he believed he was at a work event.

He did apologise, admitting there were "things we simply didn't get right" and saying he "regrets very much that we did not do things differently that evening".

The prime minister faced criticism this week after a leaked email proved that a party was held at Downing Street on May 20 2020 during the height of lockdown in the UK.

The news of the party has created an 'incensed' reaction from people in Wales, including from people who were told to shield and follow government guidelines during the time the Downing Street party went ahead.

But what was happening in Wales on May 20, 2020?

Here's what ITV Cymru Wales reported on from the day the Downing Street party went ahead:

In May 2020, people in Wales were only allowed to go out to exercise, but had to stay local. Credit: PA Images

The maximum fine for repeated breaches of the coronavirus lockdown rules in Wales was increased from £120 to £1,920 in Wales on May 20, 2020.

The increased fines were introduced ahead of the bank holiday weekend and came into force from Friday May 22nd.

Before May 20, 2020, fines in Wales began at £60, and increased to £120 if people had already received a fixed penalty notice.

Fines in England at the time started at £100 and could reach up to £3,200 for repeat offenders.

In Wales, lockdown regulations stated that people must exercise locally, however, the rules in England were relaxed to allow people to drive to other destinations to exercise and meet one person outside of their household.

The Welsh Government adopted a 'traffic-light' policy at the time to try and lift the country out of lockdown. Credit: PA Images

First Minister Mark Drakeford said on May 20, 2020 that people in Wales would not be looking "with envy" at those in England as lockdown restrictions continued across the country.

Mr Drakeford said at the time: "I think it is clear that the people of Wales support the careful, gradual way in which we are exercising the lift out of lockdown.

"They would rather be here with a government that puts their health at the front of what we are doing and they do not look enviously at what is happening across the border."

Angie Heywood discussed her experiences during lockdown.

A visually impaired woman spoke to ITV News about the "frightening" encounters she faced while walking her guide dog during lockdown and the worries she had about not being able to physically distance herself from others.

Angie Heywood and her black labrador guide dog Spirit have found it difficult to maintain social distancing - as Spirit is trained to interact with human surroundings.

Angie said she was 'taken aback' when she and Spirit walked to pick up a prescription for a friend - when Spirit got too close to one person in the queue, who challenged her for not keeping her distance. The encounter was caught on camera.

Angie said at the time: "I have now heard of a couple of guide dog owners who are frightened of going out because of encounters like I've had - which is totally against what a guide dog's meant to give you - the freedom and the independence."

Police tweeted about the incident saying the driver's decision making was "as good as their driving." Credit: North Wales Police

A driver who broke lockdown rules to go for a spin ended up getting their car stuck in deep mud.

Police were called and the people inside the car were reported for breaching Covid-19 regulations.

The North Wales Police Rural Crime Team also sent a father and son home after they had travelled from Manchester to Flintshire twice in two weeks.

Queues formed at tips across the country as centres were finally able to reopen again.

Long queues formed at tips across Wales on May 20, 2020 after they were allowed to reopen on this date for the first time since lockdown began.

Following the announcement that libraries and household waste recycling centres were allowed to re-open in May 2020, Wales' 22 local authority areas had to decide on an individual bases as to how they reopened.

All councils agreed to a common set of criteria that needed to be met before they could consider reopening the recycling sites.

This included sanitisation, social distancing and complying with stringent health and safety requirements.

In Merthyr Tydfil, one tip made the decision that only local residents would be able to use the recycling centre, that visitors had to organise their rubbish before leaving home and that no one was allowed to get out of their car until instructed by a member of staff at the facility.

There was also a warning that universities and colleges could suffer "serious financial impact" from a fall in international students. Credit: PA Images

A report suggested that many students in Wales would not be returning to college and universities during summer 2020.

The plan published by the Welsh Government which detailed how pupils over 16 would be affected by coronavirus, found that practical and emotional support to reintegrate into learning would also be needed for many students across the country.

It also said that some learners could resume face-to-face learning before the end of the summer term, including apprentices, but those teaching them would face a "series of challenges" from online teaching to assessing estimated grades.

David was working in the hospital when he contracted Covid. Credit: David Morgan-Jones

A hospital porter said he wanted to thank hospital staff for saving his life after being treated for coronavirus in intensive care at the hospital where he worked.

David Morgan-Jones was working at Glan Clwyd Hospital in north Wales and suddenly fell ill with Covid-19 in late April 2020.

Mr Jones ended up in intensive care with organ failure and said doctors even called his partner in the early hours of one morning to let her know that things were not looking good after he continued to deteriorate and he was put on a ventilator for five days.

However, David managed to pull through and was sent home to recover.

Police stopped the driver who admitted to travelling 160mph. Credit: North Wales Police

Numerous motorists were caught by police during this week in may 2020, with some clocking up speeds of up to 160mph on the quiet roads across Wales during lockdown.

North Wales Roads Policing Unit shared a post on their social media at the time detailing how multiple drivers had been caught exceeding the speed limits on various roads in the region.