Football legend Jess Fishlock 'looking into' a future career in politics

Sports star Jess Fishlock said in the future she wants to have "a bigger impact in not just the football world".

The Wales and OL Reign midfielder said getting into politics could be an option for her.

She shared the news exclusively with Adrian Masters on 'Face To Face', which returns for a brand new series on ITV Cymru Wales on 25 January at 10:45pm.

The footballer also said her experience around the world would make her a good candidate for working in a boardroom and "helping the people who get to influence decisions".

Jess Fishlock was the first footballer to get 100 caps for Wales. Credit: FAW

She said: "I feel I would be suited to it with my experience and everything that I have gone through... Learning about different cultures and my understanding of the women's game in so many different countries, and watching so many different federations do things in completely different ways. And there's no right or wrong...

"I mean, I've played women's football now for 20 years. I've been a pro for over 15."

She grew up in the Llanrumney suburb of Cardiff. As well as Wales, she has lived in Germany, France, Australia, America and Holland.

Jess Fishlock said she came from a very supportive family growing up. Credit: Jess Fishlock

She has used her position to campaign for equality and diversity, and was awarded an MBE for services to football and the LGBT community.

"I was gay female athlete in the 90s. It wasn't easy. I went through a lot of difficult times... I felt like I had no visibility when I was a kid...

"I had to navigate everything kind of by myself, and I woke up one day... I think I was in my early 20s and I was just like, you know what? I felt so comfortable with myself then that I decided to come out publicly while still playing."

Jess said despite the challenges she faced, she would do it all again.

"I wouldn't change my generation. I wouldn't change a thing."

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