Throwlines cast on Welsh coast as HM Coastguard celebrates its 200th year of saving lives at sea

Throwlines were cast into the sea at points across Wales' coastline to commemorate the 200th birthday of HM Coastguard

Throwlines have been cast into the sea at locations across Wales as HM Coastguard celebrated its 200th year of saving lives.

In Milford Haven, Holyhead and Llandudno throwlines were cast to celebrate the milestone.

HM Coastguard was formed on January 15 1822 and has saved countless lives and people in distress ever since.

Events were held across the UK at 11am on Saturday, with the casting of the throwlines intended as a signal of the service's dedication in its 200-year history.

Claire Hughes, director of HM Coastguard, said the service would always be there for anyone who found themselves in distress at sea.

She said: "When you look at how we started and where we are now, it's easy to celebrate the innovation and development that can be seen throughout the service.

"And yet, we are far more proud of the people, the volunteers and the staff who throughout two centuries have continued to strive to keep people safe at the coast and out at sea.

"We have and always will respond to those in distress."

Originally established to combat smuggling, HM Coastguard has evolved into a multi-purpose agency Credit: PA Images

Maritime Minister Robert Courts said: "Congratulations HM Coastguard on their 200-year anniversary.

"I am immensely proud and humbled by the continued dedication and professionalism from the staff and volunteers which ensures everyone's safety on our shores and around our coast.

"Hm Coastguard is the backbone of our maritime sector and the nation is indebted to its incredible workforce which continues to deliver an exceptional service."