North Wales Police introduces force's first wellbeing dog to help officers reduce stress

  • Video report by ITV News journalist Ian Lang

North Wales Police has welcomed a new recruit to help build relationships in the community and also support officers and staff.

Nansi, the 12-week-old Cockapoo puppy, will be based with officers in Caernarfon and is the force's first wellbeing dog.

North Wales Police says the dogs are introduced after officers have dealt with traumatic or stressful circumstances or as part of a de-briefing process.

The 12-week-old puppy is the force's newest recruit.

Carl Foulkes, Chief Constable of North Wales Police said: "Wellbeing is incredibly important in the workplace and particularly so after the challenges of Covid-19.

"We all know that policing has both a physical but also psychological impact when we are seeing and dealing with harm and trauma on a regular basis.

"Over recent years police forces around the country have recognised the value of dogs in helping officers and staff with their wellbeing.

"It is hoped by introducing Nansi to the team will result in better support for officers and staff resulting in less sickness through to early intervention and support being given."