Workers at Airbus Broughton to vote on industrial action after rejecting pay offer

Airbus is the largest commercial aerospace company in the UK Credit: PA Images

Workers at the Airbus site in Broughton are to hold a ballot on industrial action after rejecting a pay offer from the firm.

Trade union Unite said its members deserved a "fair" pay increase and that it felt the company was in a position to offer its staff more.

Tony Brady, Unite regional co-ordinating officer, said: "The world class workforce at Airbus Broughton expect and deserve a fair pay increase.

"Any pay award must reflect the current rate of Inflation and the impending cost of living crisis. Airbus can afford to offer their workers a decent pay rise.

"The company have enjoyed healthy financial results for 2021 and also passed their delivery targets.

"The fact that Airbus want to recruit 600 additional agency workers also points to the fact that the order book is in good health.

"Our members at Airbus have always been open to change and innovation. Their hard work has driven the business forward through the pandemic and it is important that this is recognised through a fair and equitable pay award."

Airbus said it was disappointed at news union members are to hold a ballot Credit: PA Images

Airbus is currently in discussions with the union to avoid what it called "damaging industrial action".

A spokesperson said: "Airbus is disappointed that Trade Union members have decided to hold a ballot for industrial action following the rejection of the latest pay offer

"The company made the offer in the context of an ongoing pandemic, which is the worst crisis our industry has ever faced and the wider benefits structure which employees receive.

"Airbus in the UK managed to successfully navigate the first waves of the pandemic without the need for any compulsory redundancies at a cost of more than £100M.

"The Members' decision will have a detrimental impact on our ongoing recovery from the crisis.

"The Company is keen to avoid damaging industrial action so we can focus on building a resilient, competitive and collaborative place to work for years to come.

"We are in discussions with the Trade Union to help achieve this."

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