Wales remembers the victims and survivors on Holocaust Memorial Day

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Hannah Thomas

People and communities across Wales have been remembering the victims and survivors on Holocaust Memorial Day.

The day is seen as a chance for everyone to reflect on the atrocities that millions of Jews suffered in Nazi Germany.

A woman from Rhondda Cynon Taf whose stepfather was evacuated to Wales before the Holocaust says we should all reflect on the atrocity.

Lisa Weil's step-father Julius lost his parents and brother in Nazi Germany.

Julious' first school day April 1936.

Lisa Weil told ITV News: "When I was little he didn't really talk about it. It was only as I grew up and studied history in school as well and learned things and knew things and I met his family...he had a wonderful family in Israel.

"He always looked, Julius always had a sad look in his eyes that never left him...He wasn't overly demonstrative, probably because of his upbringing.

"The fact he'd lost everything. You know, Mum used to say [to Julius] "oh you don't get excited".

"Well I don't think he could get excited, because his childhood was so damaged."

Julius managed to escape Nazi Germany after his bar mitzvah at the local Synagog. The building was destroyed not long after by the Nazis.

Lisa says her stepfather Julius is her 'rock' and she is very proud of him.

"He was a wonderful man." She said.